Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shred - Day 4

Shred - Day 4 =  Complete ... that's it

Day 4 was one of those days where I really, really didn't want to do it.  I had a pretty busy day and also had an upset stomach for most of the afternoon and evening.  But around 8:00 I was feeling a bit better so decided to get my Shred on :).

My daughter seems to have the uncanny ability to walk in on me either during the Upright Rows or the Cardio Punches - and she seems to find both those moves quite hilarious.  She's done it every time so far and it makes her laugh every time.  Honestly, those are probably two of the goofiest "looking" moves in this set.

I was saying yesterday that I feel like I'm ready to move on to the next level, but I got thinking about that last night.  I'm still struggling with the anterior raises with a side lunge.  I'm doing them, but they're hard and I'm probably loosing form a bit.  So I've decided to stay with level 1 until those are not a challenge (or until the 10th when I will move on no matter what).

I did manage to do ALL THE PUSH-UPS last night in big girl position - yay me!  Except I did less total push-ups in the 2nd set than I normally do, so not sure if that really counts.  Normally I do 20 in the 1st set and 16 in the 2nd - last night I did 20, then 14.  Though after I was done the whole thing, I went back and watched that part over and I counted how many they do in the video.  Hmmmmm .... I'm doing more than they do in each set - hahahhaa.


Christina said...

Ohh, I HATE the anterior raises with the side lunge! I have done level 1 over 20 times and still cannot manage that one! ha ha. Good for you for being able to do regular push ups! I can't even do one :( Girl push ups for me!!!


Missy said...

Holy camoly - great job on the push-ups! I can only do 12 man push-ups in the second set and then have to drop to my knees. You're amazing!!

Good luck on those side lunges/anterior raises. I hate those.