Friday, September 4, 2009

Shred - Day 3

Shred - Day 3 = Not so bad!

Last night was day 3 of The Shred video.  It actually wasn't quite so bad.  I got a few more big girl push-ups in this time.  The shoulder presses weren't so bad.  Those front raises are still tough.  There's a few moves where I think I'll move up to 8lb weights to get a bit more of a work out.

Has anyone else noticed that on the front lunges Natalie stops lunging for a few times and only does the bicep curls?  I thought I noticed it on Day 2 then I watched for it last night.  Kind of funny. :)

I'm starting to think I might switch to level 2 a bit earlier than the 10 days.  Some of you have said you're feeling quite sore and so far the only place I'm really feeling it is in my shoulders, and it's barely noticeable.  I am however feeling a little "tighter" already .. but it may just be wishful thinking.  I've vowed to stay OFF the scale until Sep 10th for the next measurement/weight day.  That's really tough for me.


I also got a good 70 minutes of running done during soccer practice last night.  It felt great!  I had 2 little stops to talk to some people, but otherwise I just zoned out and ran. 


So far September is proving to be pretty good.  I've been right on target with points, eating a little extra for the exercise.  However, I'm running out of fresh veggies and need to hit up the stand today.

Just a short post today.  Lots to get done and little time to do it in.  Also this being the last weekend before the kids go back to school I have some extra stuff to get done.  Hope everyone has a great day!!


Syl said...

I admire that you are staying off the scale, I weighted myself this morning and gained, I think I may be gaining muscle, either way I'm sure it will work it self out, I'm shredding and running every day, somethings just don't make sence some times :-)
Have a great weekend my friend.
oh and BTW like the new look!

Tamara said...

That soup looks amazing but it is screaming for some chopped avocado on the top. You wouldn't believe how delicious avocado tastes on black bean soup. You would think the flavour of the avocado would be overpowered but it is actually enhanced. Give it a shot and get in some good fats!

I noticed that about Natalie too. She also totally slacks on punches. I can tell you, I won't be going up to Level 2 early. I might not even go up on Day 11. But then I ONLY run usually. I've never done weights, I suck at yoga and I've managed to avoid ab exercises my whole life. So Level 1 might just do me for a while!

Good for you on the 70 minutes of running. That's awesome!

Missy said...

The front raises are killer for me to! One thing that has helped me with the push-ups is to count them out. I need to know when I get to be done otherwise I give up too soon. I think I counted 20 push-ups so if I can count it out and tell myself - only 10 more, now only 5 more... - it totally helps me!