Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still Shredding

I took a little break from blogland this long weekend and did some much needed housecleaning and organizing.  Somehow that helps me regroup and I don't feel so scattered. 

Of course, I felt like doing what little Miss Tia did all weekend .....

We had rain on/off all weekend and I'm sad to see the summer going.  Even George didn't want to leave his 3 story house that my niece built him.  It's made out of cardboard and is starting to fall apart, but he seems to like it and he doesn't sleep up in our attic as much - so we'll have to build him a solid one.

I think I was a bit bummed this weekend.  Maybe it was the rain??  I skipped my group run (there's a story there but I'm not quite ready to share my thoughts) and on Sunday I did not Shred (ohhhh, the shame.......).  Plus on Saturday I baked about 6 dozen muffins and tried 4 of them.  Made me feel so gross!

But Monday I got right back on the train and today I'm moving on to Level 2.  I find myself sleeping through Level 1.  The push-ups are still tough, but I'm getting through the rest of it fine with 5lb weights and some is getting too easy.

My little girl went off to high school today (Grade 8s only) and tomorrow my son will start Grade 10.  I can't believe both my kids are in high school now.  WOW!

3 more days to weigh-in and measurements.  Getting a bit nervous and hoping there will be some change.  I'm fighting the urge to pull out the tape now.


Syl said...

going to level two makes up for the skip day :-)

I'm telling you it took everything in me to do the shred today, I did it with a box of kleeex real close!

Cant wait to get to level 2 and do measurments on Thursday!

Tiffany said...

Sounds to me like you are doing great on the exercise. If you're sleeping through level one, then I'd say you're in pretty good shape.

Cute pets. :)

Tamara said...

You're moving up to level 2 already?? That's awesome. I may add some weight tomorrow but I'm holding out for Day 11 to move up a level. My abs are still pretty weak and I *heard* planks are coming (good grief).

I too took a day off of the Shred - Monday. My long run was e-nuf for me!

Anonymous said...

I moved to Level 2 today because I felt the same way you did through Level 1 (like I was slacking). Level 2 was a real workout that's for sure, worth the change.

Susan said...

Level 2 looks tough. I think I will enjoy Level 1 while it lasts. Thurs. will come soon enough for me !!!!

Missy said...

Good luck on Level Two!