Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shredding without The Shred

First off I want to say thanks everyone for your very sweet comments yesterday.  You all don't know how good it felt to have your support, and also how comforting it is to know that I'm not alone.  I was thinking of that last night while running.  If there are so many of us in this situation ... why? 

I think Tamara hit it right on the head when she said ..."I suffer from the feeling that everyone has this amazing social life and tight knit group of friends who they see all the time EXCEPT for me."  I know that thought crosses my mind a million times (insecurity much??) .  I meet someone who I think is pretty cool, but I always stop short of asking them to do something because I assume that they've probably got this great life and a great group of friends and are probably not interested.  Stupid, eh? (how's that for Canadian - hahaa)  I think our society conditions us to project to others how busy and full our lives are .. maybe as a sign that we're successful??  Or maybe it's a buffer we can put up from putting ourselves out there.  I mean, we are stupid, crazy busy ... but are we all really too busy living life to actually be getting some enjoyment out of it. 

Last night was "Shredding Without The Shred".  I did some basic running, sprinted numerous flights of stairs, ran 100M sprints on the track and mixed it all up with a bunch of strength moves (way up top in the bleachers as much out of sight as possible).  I didn't really do much in the way of abs because that concrete is cold and it had been raining.  But I did get in some planks & plank twists.

Tonight I have "off" from any committments.  I have a 10K planned, but I'm going to see how I feel about doing that.  I've done quite a bit of running this week already.  I do plan to do TWO sets of the Shred tonight (maybe Level 2, then 1).


Syl said...

Heidi, I'm going to break that insecurity that I have in my own life and reach out to a person I have never meet - you! If you are not coming to Calgary when you are here I will travel to Edmonton to meet you. I will make a day of it, I wouldn't give up the opportunity to sit down and have coffee or dinner with you, we will meet in May what ever it takes! I just hope it's not the last weekend in May because I'll be running my first half marathon that weekend :-)

Susan said...

I wish I could meet you too ! But Connecticut USA is a little far huh? You seem like someone who I'd have a lot in common with ..... oh well..... I know what your going through, believe me.

skinny me! said...

awwww I'm jealous! lol

Tamara said...

I can't bring myself to just say "hey, we should have a cup of coffee together one day" either. I'm afraid of looking pathetic. Like, oh my god, this 40 something woman doesn't have anyone to go for coffee with?" Now how's that for stupid?

Look Heidi, you're helping Syl come out of her shell! LOL! I'm jealous too!

Bare It All said...

Oh gosh, I just love hearing that I'm not the only one that feels socially out of it sometimes. You and your commentors were great and honest and I feel much more "normal". Thanks for addressing such true feelings. You are fantastic and I've really enjoyed getting to know you via your blog...sometimes our most honest outlet.