Friday, September 18, 2009

Meet Heike

Once again, you guys are all so sweet.  If any of you are ever out BC way I'd definitely be into meeting up.

Yesterday I did manage to scour my social circle and found myself a running partner.  YEAH!!!  OK, hahaa, maybe not quite what I was hoping for, but she is pretty good company.  She listens, she doesn't complain, she's always eager to go along ... however she's a bit smelly and scatterbrained at times.

Meet Heike....

Photobucket100 lbs. of excited dog is hard to hold.  This is just after she gave me a big slobbery smack in the face.  (By the way, excuse my outfit, I just grabbed the first thing I saw)

She's terribly out of shape, but we still managed about 6Km.  I want to get her fitter so I can take her out on the trails sometimes. 

It's a start!!  I actually did reach out to someone I know yesterday and asked her if she'd like to join in our running group.  However, it doesn't fit her schedule.  But it's a move in the right direction for me.


Missy said...

Can I PLEASE look like you after I've had two children. Ok - scratch that. Can I PLEASE look like you now. You look great!!

Yeah for finding a running buddy - if nothing else, looks like you'll be safe.

Fran said...

Hai Heidi,

Found you through Syl (live smile run) and like your blog. Added you in my google reader so will definitely visit your blog in the future.


Susan said...

I think your new running partner is great ! BTW I think you look incerdible too !

Syl said...

WOW look at you Heidi you seriously look amazing, and now i'm not just saying that! Holy crap!

The dog is cute, but look at you!!!!!!!!

Jenn ~ said...

What a great partner! I love running with my dog (I have a doberman) but now that he's getting older, he can't go as far.
Great pics, and you gotta love the dog slobber haha!!

Tamara said...

I love the name of your dog! I met a girl named Heike in the Netherlands this summer. She was awesome. Not sure if that means anything.... :)

I've only ever run with a dog once and it was really nice. She belongs to a good friend of mine who lives near Montreal. It was very cool when she fell into step in between us.

Heike doesn't know what she's in for! You'll whip her into shape in no time.

Jocelyn said...

looks like a great running partner to me! I'd feel safe with your doggy :)

Tiffany said...

Heike is a beautiful dog. Plus, I'd say she's the best kind of partner to have. :)