Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1 Great Weekend

We went away for another extended weekend.  This is how it went down on average for the 4 days....

Tracking:  Very, very little and never a full day
Points eaten:  more than 21/21 each day, but I don't think terribly more
Activity Points Earned:  average about 3 or more per day
Hunger level:  never really got a chance to get hungry
Morning Weigh-ins:  Sat - down 0.4, Sun - down 2.0, Mon - up 0.4, Tue - down 0.6
   overall down 2.6 from last week

Culprit for the weight gain, low hunger levels, fatigue and general yuckiness - a quite early TOM

At least there was a reason behind this past week.  It should have been at least another week (I purposely planned my getaways around this).  I should have known really ... all the signs were there, I was just in denial.

Despite that, I still had a great weekend which can be summed up like this:

1 great run
1 great bike ride
1 great night of watching UFC
1 great float down the channel
1 great breakfast with family & friends
1 great game of cards (not including the 2 we lost - haha)
1 Great Weekend

I was a little disappointed to only get one run in.  It was a good one though.  I ran 3 miles on the roads near our property which means there was a ton of change in elevation.  After breakfast I felt I still had energy to burn so I went for a ride around the "block".  The "block" being 5 miles, halfway down a steep hill then gut wrenching climb back up the other side.  I definitely look forward to doing that one more often.

Later in the day, despite lots of stretching, if I sat still for any amount of time my hips were super achy and stiff.  My husband "banned" me from doing the 9 mile easy run I had planned for Sunday morning.  Instead we just did some walking up and down those monster hills near home for the next couple days.

With the arrival of TOM, all my little annoyances from the last week went away.  My running tops and bras were no longer cutting off circulation.  My pants fit again.  That darn scale dropped down over 2 lbs.  Ahhh, much better, and improving daily.

This week I will continue tracking points as my weight is still higher than it should be.  Plus I'm going to add in a minimum of 10 minutes of weights most days of the week.  That's not much, but it's a start.  I don't like to miss a run for weights (even though I probably should more often), and since I don't always have a ton of time for super sessions, I figure 10 minutes is doable.

Hope everyone had a great weekend & Monday.  Will catch up shortly.

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Syl said...

sounds like a pretty successful get away to me Heidi, you were mindful and got excersice in, great work!

kimert said...

SOunds like an awesome get away! You are doing an amazing job! I long for the day when an easy run is 9 miles or heck even 5.. lol
Thank you for the advice/words of wisdom. You always know what to say and it helps me so much!

Marlene said...

That definitely sounds like a great weekend, and congrats on the weight loss!

Missy said...

That does sound like a good weekend. And TOM totally make sense... Not sure why I didn't think of that when I was stumped about the scale being mean to you. Down 2 is awesome.

You're probably onto something doing 10 min a day of strength. ST is so daunting to me... start small and build up. I like it!

ajh said...

My weight is up but I am not ready to tackle it yet. I'll get past my birthday and the end of summer and hopefully I'll be ready. Good for you for losing.

Fran said...

I think that's a great result Heidi and you've had a great weekend!

I could complain for hours of how I should go back to weight training but up till today I still haven't. If I have to choose between running or strength training the running wins.
Be patient with me: one day I'll get back to weight training ............. maybe :)

Good luck this week but knowing you you will do fine.

Marcelle said...

what a great weekend away and you did so much.
My weight is up and down as well and I no longer get Tom...nearly a year now..feels weird like my woman days are over and now I'm an old duck!!!

Keep going and inspiring.

Lucy K said...

Great job Heidi!