Friday, August 27, 2010

Today is not my day

Oh my what a night & morning!  Things can only go up from here.

We had relatives arrive at our house sometime late last night.  They're on their way home from holidays and needed a place to park their motorhome for the night.  I didn't know for certain exactly when they were coming, but figured it would be some time over the next few days.  I'm guessing it was around 1AM when the dog started growling.  Didn't really wake me up but it was a distruption to the sleep cycle.

Then around 4:30AM the dog wanted to go outside.  My husband got up to let her out and then went to the washroom himself ... only to discover that we were out of water.  I'll tell you what that is - KARMA!  About a week ago I was talking to our neighbors and they were out of water.  They are on the city system, something had gone wrong with it and they were out of water for nearly 24 hours.  It was a hot day and the husband had been doing hard, dirty work all day.  We are on a well so weren't affected by the city water system problem.  I considered offering him to use our shower, but I didn't.  I'm not really sure why.  Part of me figured that they wouldn't take up the offer anyway.  But really, I SHOULD have offered and I'm not quite sure why I didn't and felt bad about it later.  So this was my payback!  Next time I'll offer.

My husband went out to fix our water problem, but it was dark and he couldn't see a thing.  Do you think I could find a working flashlight?  Or batteries to put in one? NO!  Ugh, Karma!!!  Eventually we found one that was dying rapidly and giving little light, but it was enough.  It took him nearly an hour to get the water going again. 

By the time he got it fixed it was nearly 5:30 and he had to get going for work - but he now didn't have time to make a lunch.  So ... I made him a lunch.  My alarm was set to go off at 6:15 for my morning run, so after he left I just stayed up.  Cleaned up the kitchen, got dressed, and went to head out for a run.  Boom!  Thunder and a sudden downpour.  WTH???!!!  I'm starting to get the message.  Today is not my day.

But I didn't abandon my run.  I didn't want to go outside in case there was lightning, so it was off to the dreadmill.  It was most definitely a dreadmill and I didn't enjoy my run.  But I did complete the 4.2 miles that I had planned for the day!  Some days you just have to do it.  I'm still feeling Wednesday nights workout too.

That Karma thing ... you gotta watch that!

EDIT:  After I wrote this post I got a phone call from home that the water is off again!!!  GRRRRR.  I don't think hubby will be home until late tonight and I'm utterly useless at trying to fix something like that.  I suppose a smart woman would have set aside at least a jug of water this morning - just in case.  Apparently I'm not a smart woman!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Marcelle said...

Oh what Karma you guys had, hehehe, sorry but have to giggle as the way you wrote it I was walking step for step with you and could picture the whole thing...even the rain coming down as you were about to head out the front door.
You know I loved the dreadmill and from Wed am heading back to gym and going to do the dreadmill again, I tried it the other day and could I have loved this as the road and outdoors is so so much better, going to be a struggle for me but have to relearn to love it again.

22 degrees is not HOT, but today when we went out in those temps I actually took off my jersey while outdoors as warm...tomorrow is 18 and Sunday 16 ~ rain both days...
So guess who is heading to the dreadmill tomorrow, ME!!!

Will keep active, and have a good one that side as well.

Anonymous said...

Hello my darling! You should get a couple of those wind up flashlights. They work well. Good for emergency's (that is if you can find them when you need them) Love Mama

misszippy said...

So funny about the karma! Good for you for still getting your run in. I'd have done the same. Hope you get to rest up and recover!

Fran said...

This is truly bad karma and I admire you that you didn't give up on your run! Hope that you have water back by now.

Syl said...

oh Heidi, that sucks. Hope this week is a better one for you!

Nej said...

My dad, still to this day, calls me when bad weather is forecasted for our area. "Fill the bathtub with water, and a couple of jugs as well."

I always tell him that I have already, and thank him for his call.....but, I've YET to actually do what he's calling to tell me to do. One of these days, our power is going to go out, we'll be without water, and he'll ask me why we aren't using the bathtub water. :-)