Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wake Up Call

Yikes.  I've had a wake-up call over the last few days.  For most of the past year my weight has held steady around 147-148 lbs.  I'd love to be a little less than this, but for whatever reason seem to hover around here.  It's hovered there for so long that I haven't been weighing daily like I used to. The other day I was feeling kind of 'chunky' so I weighed myself at night and was substantially more than I normally would be in an evening.  This morning I weighed again and I was 151.8 .... that's a number I haven't seen in a very, VERY long time.  Well over a year.  150 is my do or die number.

My eating hasn't been stellar the last couple weeks, but it hasn't been horrible either.  I've just come off a 21 day dose of penicillin and my body is definitely not normal.  My tummy has been off (common side affect) and last week for about 4 days I was insanely itchy, especially my feet.  One night I had to get up and dunk my feet in ice cold water to stop them from itching.  I also noticed that I was retaining water like mad.  Had some socks on for less than an hour and had a deep groove from them - whereas I typically get barely a mark.  Even one day I turned back after less than a 1/2 mile into my run because my shoes were digging into my ankles, which NEVER has happened.  But, even if it has something to do with the medication, I'm taking action now!

I've been half-assed tracking the last couple of days but keep getting sidetracked.  Yesterday it was free ice-cream for BC Day, a glass of cooler and munching on nachos late in the evening.  I'm tracking the good stuff and when I go off course I stop tracking.  Today it all STOPS!  I'm going to track EVERY bite AND keep it healthy.

Sunday I had a horrible run too.  My hips have been feeling achy and then my legs were super stiff.  I had to stop a few times to stretch, especially my calves.  Monday morning when I got out of bed I could barely even put my heels on the ground.  I've been stretching lots after my runs, but maybe I need more.  I'd like to avoid having to go to the Chiro if necessary.  Yesterday I finally broke down and took one Advil.  I don't like to take them unnecessarily.  I'd rather let my body heal and not mask the pain which may lead to working out when I shouldn't.  Though since I had that one Advil I am feeling better.  Tonight I have hill training on the agenda.  We'll see how that goes.

Lately I'm feeling a little bored on my runs.  I don't mind running alone most of the time, but it's been quite a while since I've ran with anyone.  My running friends aren't running as much and our schedules have been conflicting, plus my husband has been swamped and hasn't run in over a month.  I like to run with someone at least once a week.  Maybe soon I'll have to meet up with the running room group ... even though I don't know a soul there.  I can't join any clinics, but maybe I'd find some enjoyment just going on the practice runs with them.

This weeks training plan:

Sun - 7 miles (done @ 9:05 pace)
Mon - rest (went for a casual 1 mile walk)
Tue - 5 miles incl. 4 hill repeats
Wed - 4 miles moderate pace
Thu - 3 miles easy
Fri - rest
Sat - 3 miles fartleks

So here's to getting back into action and keeping myself accountable.  No more half-assed tracking.  No letting things slide.  Back to tracking everything and daily weigh-ins.  This works for me.

Keep Active!



Syl said...

I stopped tracking too a while back and got up to 149 and decided the "freedom" wasn't worth it.
As much as I hate tracking I love the feeling of being in control and being accountable. I find when I don't track there is always those "nibbles" that I forget about.
I love the outcome of tracking and the feeling associated with success.
You can do this Heidi. Let's get to our goal weight once and for all...come on I dare us... ;-)

kimert said...

Been there, done that! Quit tracking and it catches up with me every single time. And I am totally a daily weigher because I really do feel like that keeps me as accountable as anything else.
Sounds like you have had a bit of a rough patch with how you feel.I hope you recover soon!
Good luck with your run!!

Missy said...

I know you'll be right back in the 140's in no-time. I'm not worried about it at all. You've got this.

Lucy K said...

Heidi~ I am sure that once you start tracking the weight will fall off of you. Best wishes and I am going to quit not tracking on the days that I go over my points. :)

Julie said...

Hi Heidi,
No worries, you will be back on track soon:)

I have also been bored on my runs lately...just feeling a little blah! I am looking for a bike and hoping that having a new addition will make things exciting again:) Hang in there Lady!

Linzi @ Destination 26.2 said...

I think with all that have you been through you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. But It's good to be aware of your body and take charge. I do notice I eat better when I am tracking. It would be interesting to track regardless, because I know for me if i start tracking the bad stuff I am immediately steering back on track. I hate writing down the bad stuff, it makes me responsible for it at that moment. You are going to get over this little hump!

MJ said...

I could have wrote this post myself. My post tonight is actually about my weight as well!! Let's get back on 'track' and get back where we belong. :)

99ToGo said...

Tracking is what keeps me in line. I'd be a mess without it. I try to stay away from the Advil too. I've been having hip pain on and off, and I've been to a PT to try to figure out how to fix it. I think I may be headed in the right direction there though. I hope all of your muscles and joints are feeling better soon, and that you find someone to run with!

Tamara said...

Hey girlie: Or should I say Whirly Girly! Man, you are active. I love it. I want to be just like you! Funny thing is, I know I will get back to it. I think all it will take is one little run to light that fire again. In the meantime, I shall bask in the glow of your sweaty face. LOL! Thanks for the welcome back. I missed you too!

Fran said...

It's in the air, everywhere in blogland people are back at tracking including miss "I will never track again" ... me :) I have to say it helps me and this time I'm not irritated by writing every down, maybe I finally reached that point where I want to get rid of these last lbs once and for all.

If you don't want to run alone all the time a running group is a good idea and a way to meet new people. Maybe it helps when you sign up for a race to make your running more fun? I know that works for me.

Good luck with the plan. I'm here to support and motivate you but you can do it!

Marcelle said...

Like Fran said...so many are back on track after relaxing a little over summer time and gaining....we all need to get ourselves back and we doing it...see you joined the group as well :)
We can do it...
If the desire is there
WE can do it.

I used to run on my own ~ now lately been running with a group or another one and struggling to get out on my own again...grrrrrrr.

Marlene said...

I hear you on the weight. I find myself lately hovering a little too much above my comfort zone. Need to get my focus back too! Good luck!!