Friday, August 20, 2010


The strangest thing to come of this past week without running has been the reflections and how much thinking I have done.

Not sure if it's the long, quiet bike rides.  Or not having something in particular to aim for.  Perhaps it's just the time of year as we can slowly start to see summer beginning to fade away and those oh so slight signs of fall peeking around the corner.  My mind has never felt so clear.

I have discovered a couple of past loves (horses & cycling) that I fully intend to dive back into, even if at a casual level.

I have a complete new vision on what I want from my running.  Next week I will start back up again ... but I will do so intelligently.  I will start slow and short, and my only goal will be to get a few miles in without getting sore.  Then I will gradually build on that until I am back to being comfortable putting out the mileage that I was doing prior to my half marathon earlier this year.  I also have some grand ideas for where I will head once I build that mileage up again. 

Also this week I have found so much inspiration from a number of fellow bloggies.  In so many areas.  I am bursting with energy to explore some of these ideas that are currently roaming around in my head.  I feel like a kid at Christmas ... waiting to open up my future.  It's a good feeling!

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!

Not sure what I have in store.  With any luck possibly a sold horse.  With even more luck I might find someone to go hiking with (not very optimistic for that one).  But I will be active in some shape or form.

Keep Active!



Marlene said...

What a positive way to be feeling on a Friday! Go with it!

Anonymous said...

great post for a friday! yay!
happy weekending!

Nej said...

I love this post. Positive thinking is so addictive!!!!!!

Marcelle said...

This sounds so very exciting...I hope photography is one of the ventures you are going to look have a natural eye, i have seen with the few pics you have taken and posted.
I am here to give any tips etc, I so believe like in weight loss ~ we are here to help each other...

Julie said...

First of all, you look gorgeous! Secondly, this was a great post! I can just feel the positive energy and happiness shining in this blog entry:) I hope that you find everything that you are looking for...good luck to you and your future!

Have a wonderful weekend Heidi!

Mark said...

As much as I love summer and all the warmer weather, I do like the creep into autumn. Maybe it's because I start looking forward to the festive season, I don't know.

SheFit said...

This is so exciting that you are going to dive back into your past loves. Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

Fran said...

Heide you sound so energetic and positive! I love it and I look forward to following you with your new ideas and the path you are going to choose.

You look great on the pics.

Missy said...

So glad to see that taking a running break has given you a chance to step back and reflect - and enjoy some lost loves. I'm so glad you feel refreshed and excited for what is to come!!