Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inspiration Comes From Many Sources

This morning was the 2nd run of my "build-up mileage plan".  All day yesterday I wanted to run SO badly, but resisted the urge so that I can take this rebuild slowly.  I was supposed to run 4 miles today, but I wasn't quite organized to get that in this morning.  I was up late organizing lunches for my boys, then my husband was up at 5 to go to work.  My alarm went off at 6, but it took me a little longer than anticipated (over 30 min) to get moving and out the door.  I had to be back, showered and ready to leave the house to take my son to work at 7:30 and then go to work myself.  With such short time I had to chose between running the full distance or leaving some time for stretching - which I think is crucial these days.  I chose to run 2.8 miles and stretch.  I haven't decided if I will do the extra distance tonight, or add a mile on to my next run (which is only supposed to be 3 miles).

It's been kind of nice running in the morning.  I wonder if I can make this a habit before the weather turns ugly and the mornings get dar?.  If I can keep it up I will.

Last night my son's soccer team had their first practice of the season (going to be alot of sore boys this morning!).  One of the great advantages to my kids doing sports is that it gives me time where I have nowhere else I need to be, and an excuse/reason to be outdoors and exercise a few times a week.  If all those kids can be out there battling whatever weather comes their way, so can I.  Their practices are usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours long.  I just can't see driving them there, coming home - then returning at the end.  Alot of wasted time and unecessary driving & fuel.  I prefer to run or walk during that time.  When they go to the track I can run stairs, do sprints, lunges, push-ups on the bleachers ... it's great!

Watching the kids do their drills last night (walking lunges, crossovers, burpees, high knees, sprints, etc.) made me crave that type of workout.  That's the kind of things we did when I was taking all those boot camp classes last year and I LOVED it!  There's really no reason I can't do that kind of workout on my own.  I have all the knowledge and experience.  In fact I often felt the classes I was taking were not demanding enough, so I really could put together a decent workout.  The team may have a fitness only practice once a week where they do this type of activity the whole time, so depending on which coach is running it, I may offer to lead them through these exercises.  It drives me insane how horrible the form is for most of these kids while doing these exercises, and during their stretches.  As a minimum they are getting little out of what they are doing and at worst they are going to get hurt.  Either way, I am re-inspired to get back to these types of workouts.

Keep Active!



Missy said...

Good idea to make use of your kids' practice times to work-out! I think many people (including, probably, me) would just use it as an excuse to not work-out. Great job!!

How's the economy in Canada? I think I'll look for a job up by you just so that I can have you train me ;o)

Marcelle said...

I forget how hectic life is when you have children and have to do the fetching and carrying and then try do something for yourself.
I'm going to help my daughter in November and have told her that I just want one hour in the morning for my run, the rest of the time I am hers!!!
Making sure I have that in place before I go.

Morning running is the best for me as well, but since running with a group or neighbor they can only run at night and i find i am very tired...
Your body gets used to a time for its workout and mornings are better for me.

I hated bootcamp type classes being a dancer but now am beginning to enjoy it more and more...

Marlene said...

Great job fitting in that run... sounds like it was worth it to cut it a bit short in order to do your stretching.

Too funny that the team does boot camp type drills! I love that kind of stuff too, but I am not motivated enough to do it on my own!

Anonymous said...

Kind of feel sorry for some of those boys if you are the coach for the exercises! They will have a real workout. No excuses. Love ya, Mamma

misszippy said...

It's great that you are able to use that time so wisely!

Teamarcia said...

Way to get out there and get it done! I've found the early mornings wonderful for getting my runs in. I'm sorry it's getting darker lately.

ajh said...

I like running early but soon won't have the chance. Good for you for doing it.

Julie said...

Awesome job Heidi!

BTW, your comment about college boy made me laugh! I know all about what he does...he has been honest with me and does not even attempt to hide stuff from me. His hair was so ugly and that is why I doubted him being a chick magnet:) He has always been very charming and has a smile on his face always. Sometimes it is entertaining watching from the side lines. Keep an eye on your is different with girls:)

Fran said...

I prefer working out in the morning but I can only do my running before work. My gym doesn't open till 8 am and by that time I'm already working so I have to do those workouts in the afternoon and prefer doing them before dinner.

Great idea to use your waiting time for exercise.

As for the bootcamp à la Heidi: go for it!