Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stretch, Ice ... repeat often

This morning as I was getting ready I heard a strange sound outside. I looked out a couple windows but couldn't see anything. And then .... gee that balloon is low.

WTH??!!  It's landing in our field.

So cool watching it come down.  They were lucky I was home and had left our gate open otherwise they would have had a very long trek up the driveway carrying this baby out.  You can see in this last pic how dry our grass is.  Normally this is lush green.  It's been hot here ... though it's supposed to cool off soon - booooo!

Well, there's no more denying it ... I'm injured. :( 

I've mentioned a few times lately that I've felt achy, especially in my hips.  I have been trying to do some extra stretching, a little icing, the odd rest day here or there.  But it's not getting better at all.  I haven't run since Thursday and was very sad to miss another long run this weekend.  Waking up sore is just not a good way to start a run.

At first I felt guilty and worried.  But then I thought ... what am I training for????  Nothing!  I have no races on schedule and taking a week or so off of running is not going to change anything.

I'm going to try cycling and see if that is a gentle enough activity to allow healing.  It's hard to tell though because I don't have pain during activity, it comes on after sitting or laying.  As long as I keep moving I feel fine.  Hmmmm, maybe that's the key, keep moving - always! hahaha

This week it will be no running, but I will try some cycling and get my booty down to the gym.  I keep coming back to this, but I have to get back to those weights.  I'm fighting it.  I'd pretty much guarantee that the lack of cross training is a part of what has caused this injury.  I am not balanced.  All I'm focusing on is reaching the bigger mileage goal I set earlier this year, but I can't do that at a price. 

So, now how do I keep from going insane while I'm not running and my legs are literally bouncing in my chair wanting to GOOOOOOO!

Keep Active!



Marcelle said...

My word that balloon was close and I see you had your camera close by...

I have no idea how I will feel if I cant run...but reading what you are saying about how you are feeling scares me...we are running addicts...LOL

kimert said...

I love hot air balloons.. that one is rather close! LoL
It looks like your trampoline is in the ground..is it just that low?

Sorry about the injury but I am glad to hear you are taking proper care of yourself!! I hope you heal quickly!

Marlene said...

Wow, too cool that the balloon landed in your backyard!

I'm glad you're giving yourself some time off - get well!

Suzy said...

Wow, the balloon landing is cool! Take care and try to rest up so you are feeling better.

Syl said...

wow! nice landing ;-)! Me and my friend were just talking about hot hair balloons last night because her husband was going to suprise her with one for their anniversary a ride = $500.00 can you believe it! She quickly made him unplan it ;-).
Sorry you are in pain Heidi, but you are right you can totally rest because there is nothing to train for but also being that you are an amazing runner, really if you were training for something I'm sure you could still take the week of to heal.
Sending healing vibes to you my friend.

Angela said...

It's really hard when you can't run like you want to. When I've had hip issues, I've found biking really loosen things up. I've heard the same about swimming (although I don't usually do it). Quick healing to you!

Nej said...

Did you tell them that they have to give you a free ride, for use of your field??? :-)

Taking time off to heal is the way to go. It's frustrating though, when you want to go, go, go!!! :-)

I need to get myself to the gym as well. Strength training has gone completely to the wayside. Need to remedy that...soon! :-)

Missy said...

Oh, me and you, avoiding those weights. We gotta do them. It's good for us!

Good job listening to your body and making changes. You'll run better once you're healed than if you push through and don't let your body recover!!

99ToGo said...

What is up with the hip pain?? I ran 6 miles on Sunday, and I was okay during the run, but after, yikes...I was not doing too well. I was almost limping to avoid the pain in my right hip. It esp. hurts after I've been sitting for a while. I feel your frustration!

Mark said...

Sorry to hear about your injury. Be careful not to make things worse by continuing with other forms of exercise. I did that once and it put me out of action completely for several months :(

I don't actually enjoy running but I need to do it, so not being able to run would be bittersweet. But then again, it's bittersweet when I am able :)

ajh said...

How cool having that balloon land close by.

Fran said...

So cool that balloon, we see a lot around home too but never this close!

You're right to take it easy Heidi, give it some rest and do other training. I'm like you and really need to get back to weight training! Hopefully I have the gutch to go next Friday. I did start cardiotraining last night on the stationary bike, want to continue that too from now on.

Again take it easy and I hope for a speed recovery. Hugs!

Teamarcia said...

So cool about the balloon. So uncool about your hips. You are wise to give it a rest. Take care!

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Good for you listening to your body and taking a break. (I know easier said than done!) Enjoy the biking and gym time!