Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mmmm peanut butter

Tracking:  Every morsel - YAY me!
Points eaten:  24 / 21
Activity Points Earned:  4
Hunger level:  varied
Morning Weigh-in:  down 0.4 ... that's better

Tracking successful once again!  Yesterday morning I woke up FULL.  No way I could have eaten breakfast before work.  So I brought it with me to work and waited to feel hunger.  It was after 10:00 before I even felt an inkling of hunger, and really I probably could have waited an hour or so longer.  This led to a late lunch and then a bit of a time crunch to eat something before I exercised in the evening.  I knew if I tried to exercise without eating I'd get super hungry, but yet I didn't want to eat much or I'd feel gross.  Ended up having my latest favourite dinner (corn on the cob with a grilled zucchini - YUM!).  After I exercised I did have some cravings.  I wasn't really hungry, more I just felt like eating and I really wanted toast with peanut butter.  I had room for it, but after I ate it I felt kind of full and realized I really didn't "need" it.

As I was getting ready to go, both kids asked for rides in two different directions, then my husband came home and said his truck was almost out of fuel and he had to go to an appt which it was just more logical for him to drive the Jetta to.  Yes, I could have gone and said to heck with everyone ... but honestly it was stupid humid out last night and I was seriously questioning my ability to get in a decent run.  Plus my hips were feeling pretty tight (I'm figuring it's my IT Band that's tightening up so I'm doing specific stretches for that).

In the end I drove my daughter to her friends, gave the car to my husband, and asked my son if he wanted to bike ride to go get what he wanted.  It wasn't a great night for running, but it was awesome for biking!  We rode to town and back (26 Km/16 miles) and afterwards I think my hips actually felt better.  So even though I skipped my planned run, I still think I got in a pretty good workout.  Plus, I'm thinking that I should be doing more biking as cross-training. 

Keep Active!



Marlene said...

Great idea on the bike ride! Sounds like it was a good one.

Nej said...

I've recently fallen off of the point tracking wagon. And when I fell, I fell hard. :-)

Reading your blog about running, cross training, and tracking has me thinking it's time to start it up again (the tracking I mean). Thanks for the motivation!!! :-)

ajh said...

I think I need to seriously get my bike out. 16 miles sounds great.

Syl said...

I love a good long bike ride Heidi, great work!
I love how you are listening to your hunger signals and not just eating because there is nothing better to do, with the tracking and the hunger signals how can you not be successful, great job!

Missy said...

I love riding my bike places to get stuff done. Makes me feel good and like I'm helping the environment!

Did you eat a big meal last night? I wonder why you woke up so full!! I would've been starving by 10am!!

Lucy K said...

Congrats on the bike ride and the tracking. I hope your hips start feeling better soon.

Fran said...

I think you had a great bike ride! Good idea to go for that ride instead of running.

Another great day, well done.

I love peanutbutter but once I start it's hard to stop :) so I don't eat it too much.

Marcelle said...

I wake up hungry and then stop myself from eating breakfast till 8am in the morning...if I go to gym or run early I have a banana...but do have my morning cuppa my hubby brings me to bed every that cup..its made with so much love and tastes the best!!

I also love Peanut butter..but now buy mine for the health shop as nothing but peanuts inside ~ non of the bad stuff...tastes different but am used to it now...and then with a dash of organic honey...hmmmmmmmmmmmm