Friday, August 13, 2010

Who is it really for?

Tracking:  Yup
Points eaten:  25 / 21
Activity Points Earned:  6 (at least)
Hunger level:  stupid hungry after work, ok the rest of the day
Morning Weigh-ins:  up 0.6

Last night's run was a tough one again.  This is how it went down:

Planned - 2 miles @ 8:40, 2 miles @ 8:10, 2 miles as I felt (expected about 9:00)
Actual   - 2 miles @ 8:50, 2 miles @ 8:08, 2 miles as I felt ... 9:57

We're heating up out west again and I picked the warmest part of the day yesterday to run.  Certainly felt it in the first two miles.  I could barely meet the slower/average pace, how could I go faster for the next section?

I tried to push hard for the "faster" miles, but had barely improved.  Took a 20 second stop to drink water and give myself a talking to - then I pushed hard.  I was shocked to see at the end that I DID manage to reach my goal, plus a little extra. 

The last 2 miles I just took very, very easy and didn't care about pace.  I've been having a hard time lately running steady for longer than a mile at a time, so I just wanted to run the whole thing without stopping.  The route I took yesterday is a VERY rough road, very pitted.  My feet were very sore and still today they are tender.  I need to get out on some trails soon!  I had 3 ice packs going while watching So You Think You Can Dance last night.

After work yesterday I was SO hungry.  My husband's buddy came out and helped him with a project all day.  My first instinct was to bake them a little treat, but I knew that with my hunger level that I would devour whatever it was that I made.  It wasn't a safe choice to bake.  I opted instead to make them a good pasta dish (full of shrimp & veggies - they loved it!).  However, the other day I bought some cereal "for my son" (you know how that goes, is it really for him???), Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I ♥ that cereal even though it's pretty much candy in a box.  That ended up being my quick meal when I got home (aka dinner - I skipped eating the pasta dish as well).  Not the healthiest choice that's for sure, but perhaps a slightly better choice.

I've noticed this thing I do.  I am the one having the craving for something ... but I "mask" it by baking for someone else, or buying a treat/special food for someone else.  Like somehow that makes it OK, because it's not for me.

Oh, and the men did get a treat after dinner - store bought cookies!  I very rarely like/eat store bought cookies, so that was something I was pretty confident I wouldn't dig into.  Also, they didn't come out until I had eaten AND gone for my hard, sweaty run.  After a session like that all cravings are toast.

Today I have ridden my bike to work.  The current temp is about 30°C / 86°F (feels higher), so the ride home will be taken very easy.  This is essentially a rest day, active rest(???).  I'm hoping to get out for a long walk (maybe on the beach .. or the river) with the family this evening.

Have a great weekend and ... Keep Active!



kimert said...

I bought reduced fat Oreos to pack in my daughter's lunch... you know, for her. I'm sure you know how the rest of the story goes. Thankfully 3 of those bad boys only has about 150 calories...I think.

Good job on the tracking and running! have a great weekend!

99ToGo said...

I can't keep any sugary snacks or cereals in the house, or I'll eat them. Fortunately, the ice cream bars my husband likes don't really call my name, so I'm safe there. I LOVED that CTC cereal. (Still do, and probably could eat an entire box in no time at all).

misszippy said...

Don't beat yourself up--we all fall off the wagon now and again. Also cut yourself some slack on the run--it was hot, you didn't feel great, but you stuck it out to get the miles in. Good job.

ajh said...

Sounds like you did a good job on the miles! Soon enough this hot weather will be gone. Hope you had a nice walk.

Fran said...

I think you did great on your run, especially at those temperatures, way too hot for me. So I'm proud of you no matter what you say yourself.

Enjoy your walk with your family.

Marcelle said...

Well done on reaching your running goal for that session, a great feeling.
You very lucky the weather is warming up, I wish ours was...17/18 degrees here with lots of rain, thank goodness we went to run in the morning and it wasnt raining.....hope u having a great weekend

Missy said...

Good decision to skip the baked goods when you know you're susceptible. That is the one benefit of living alone...I only buy food that I am "allowed" to eat so when I'm at home and have cravings it's tough luck. I can't imagine what my diet would look like if I had teenager food at home!!!

Nej said...

I can't keep any of that stuff at home. I'd have it eaten in a moment of weakness, in no time flat. Hubby has some ice cream sandwiches in the freezer in the basement...and I LOVE ice cream sandwiches. So far, I've ignored them. :-)

This hot weather is killer. I consider just getting out in it a battle won.