Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Here fishy, fishy

A few people asked me yesterday if the balloon people left us a bottle of champagne.  They hadn't when I left for work, but this morning my husband went out on the deck and saw this on one of our tables:

I didn't know this was customary.  They also left an entry form for a draw for a free balloon ride.  Hmmm, I've never had an urge to go up in a hot air balloon.  I think I'll see if one of my friends is interested in entering.

The other night (at 1 AM) my brother in law dropped in to spend the night.  He had been away fishing with a friend and our house is about halfway back to his place.  As usual, he caught a ton of fish, so he kindly left us a salmon.  I ♥ salmon, but rarely ever buy it because A) it's pretty expensive, B) the stuff in the stores don't often taste fantastic, and C) my kids won't touch it.  But free salmon, fresh as can be ... I ain't ever gonna pass up that!

Since I don't buy salmon often, I'm not very experienced in cooking it.  I was terrified I would ruin it.  So I looked at a few basic recipes and kind of did my own thing.  Mixed up a bit of olive oil, lots of lemon juice, fresh garlic, dill, salt & pepper.  Wrapped it up in parchment paper and baked at 375° for about 30 minutes.  Pretty basic, but a great combo.  It was a thing of beauty!

That thing is MASSIVE!  Probably about 18" x 10-12".  I had to use the biggest cookie sheet I own.  We're going to be eating salmon for a few days I think.  Can you freeze cooked salmon???

Another day without running.  Though I have now ridden my bike to work for the last 4 work days.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow ... BOOOO ... we'll see how bad it is, I may still ride.  My hips feel pretty good today.  I took an Advil after my ride yesterday and iced them, just to ward of inflammation.  I'm still going to wait a bit longer before I pound the pavement again. 

Keep Active!



Laura said...

Balloon ride?? That would be great!
I love love love salmon. I wouldn't freeze the cooked stuff but that's just me.
Try it cold on a salad...or in a pannini with grilled veggies.

Anonymous said...

i love salmon. yummmmm.....

a balloon ride,eh? thats kinda cool. but i think i would be too scared.

Nej said...

That salmon is huge!!!!!!

I've looked at going on a balloon ride. Most of the time we're on vacation and it's so darned expensive. I know they do a balloon festival close to home, I'll have to check it out sometime. :-)

Marlene said...

I didn't know about that custom either - very sweet!

Missy said...

I thought it was so strange that they landed on your property. I guess it's nice of them to at least leave you a bottle of champagne!

Good job resting. Keep it up!!

99ToGo said...

I wish we had enough property for a hot air balloon to land on our property!! I would love to go for a ride some day :)

That salmon looks gorgeous. Sockeye salmon was on sale for a while here, and I ate so much of the stuff. I don't see why you couldn't freeze some of it; I've seen frozen dinners with salmon in them, so I imagine it doesn't ruin it. I'd just be careful re-heating it doesn't end up over-done.

ajh said...

I would love to go on a balloon ride!

99ToGo said...

Also, you have an award waiting for you over at my blog!

Liz said...

Love Salmon-what a treat!

Fran said...

I never eat salmon, like your kids: I don't touch it :)

I don't have a wish for a balloon ride either but the hub does. I myself am a bit afraid of heights.

Take it easy on the hips, seems to me they are not healed yet so don't start running again too soon.

About the potatoes, it's custom here to peel them off. We do eat them sometimes unpeeled (had those last Sunday).

Thanks for the compliment, I do make mistakes every now and then and sometimes have to think hard how to write something down in English :) but I'm doing my best.


Marcelle said...

That was very nice of them to leave you champers!!!!
Toast to something great

I love Salmon..we eat it once a week at home and when I go out for dinner its one of my faves to order...

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Cheers! Nice bottle of champagne. ;) Very cool that they left that for you.
BTW - I love salmon! The fresher, the better.