Friday, August 6, 2010

Keep on trucking .. umm ... tracking

Tracking:  Everything .. even the bits and bites
Points eaten:  21 / 21 - YAY me!
Activity Points Earned:  5
Hunger level:  low
Morning Weigh-in:  up 0.4 ... what the &%*$!%@   &*^#

Up again this morning.  What the ????  Ate exactly on target yesterday.  Included every bit and bite.  Had dinner at about 5:30pm ... went for a 4 mile run at 8:00pm and it's currently 9:30am the following morning and I'm still not even remotely hungry!  That is just odd and I don't understand.  I just hope this is something hormonal and everything will sort itself out soon.

Anyhow, last nights run wasn't bad.  Well, it ended up not being too bad.  My plan was to run 4 miles, with the 2nd half of the run being about 2 minutes faster than the first half.  I was aiming to run my first half at about a 9:30 pace and I struggled with that but did meet it.  Stopped at 1 mile for a good long stretch - which helped a bit.  I'd hoped to do the 2nd half at about a 8:30 pace, which I couldn't quite meet.  I ended up with 8:40 for those last two miles. 

I don't know why I'm struggling so much lately.  These are pretty slow paces for me for these distances.  Lately I haven't even been coming close to any of my good paces, at all.  And the temperature and humidity last night was actually quite favourable for running - that part felt good.

This weekend should be pretty relaxing.  Hanging with friends and family ... a little floating on the water, hopefully laying in the sun!  And tracking!!!!

Have a great weekend
Keep Active!



kimert said...

Don't stress over the runs! Seriously, you are doing so well by just actually running. :) I hate when I am up and know that I have done EVERYTHING right. Those few ounce gains mess with me soooo bad. Good luck, girl! Hope you have a great weekend!

Fran said...

I'm sure you're "normal" pace will get back, don't worry too much about it.

Maybe you're not hungry because of the heat? I do have this sometimes too, usually on Saturday mornings. I really have to force myself to eat then.

Julie said...

Keep up the awesome work and have a fabulous weekend:)

Tamara said...

Wow! Thanks for the bike ride and the 4 mile run. Those paces are pretty fast for me so I should be a sliver of my former self in no time. :)

Hang in there Heidi. I'm sure it just hormonal. You're doing everything right. Enjoy your float this weekend. I hope it is nice and sunny and not too humid for you!

Marlene said...

Sounds like that scale is being stubborn! Hopefully whatever is going on with your body will sort itself out soon!

Marcelle said...

I am at my heaviest when I wake up I have noticed...for example
Woke up yesterday and weighed myself...up a few grams
Had cup coffee, breakfast and trained one hour
Weighed again and down .6kg's from my morning weight...
I have no idea why I weigh less about an hour or two after I wake up...

Syl said...

could it be the heat Heidi? I am struggling too with with running even in the evenings it's still pretty warm. I am sure it's nothing you are doing wrong heidi, sometimes the scale just likes to play mind games with us.

99ToGo said...

I gotta say, I'd be THRILLED with those times. And ticked at the scale. It's obviously not on top of things. I mean, doesn't it know how hard it is to eat only 21 points? Keep on keeping on. It's bound to come around soon :)

Missy said...'re a tricky case right now. I'm guessing the weight will come off in the long term, if not each morning. Sounds like you're doing it all right. Your body is probably just adjusting!!