Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Down 2.2 this week!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!

Last night I ran for 40 min on the track and walked 50 minutes. There was a Cardio Core Boot Camp class going on in the inner circle while I was running. Looks like a pretty tough class, but fun. They sure used alot of equipment.

Also got a call last night that the Boot Camp class I wanted to go in (that we were waitlisted for) has added another class. So YEAH we are going to do that class instead of the Kickboxing one. I'm quite happy about that. Plus it saves me a whopping $6 and change so that's all good.

Tonight my SIL is having one of those home party things so I have to stay strong with all the appy's (a big weakness for me). I've already decided though that I will not drink wine tonight. It's just wasted points which I'd rather save for other occassions. Will get myself a big glass of water instead and enjoy a few of the appy's in reasonable amounts.

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