Monday, September 15, 2008

Didn't get around to posting this weekend. Friday I went out shopping all day and had a blast. Bought a bunch of things for the house AND some clothes!!! I HATE buying clothes. I even bought jeans which is amazing because I can never find them that fit. The ones I got are too long, but otherwise they fit pretty good. And I got a nice brown sweater and a really comfy, silky short sleeve top. The top is quite different from something I normally wear, but I like it, and it feels so good. The two tops were mediums, they're a bit snug but not horribly so. I didn't want to get the large, since I'm shrinking and all - heehee.

Saturday my son had his second soccer game of the season and it was horrible and I actually kind of felt depressed for a while afterwards. I sure hope things will turn around for the team otherwise this will be a tough, tough year (again). Had a relaxing evening at home, ate too much but accounted for it all and just used up some flex points. Watched that movie What Stays in Vegas - that's pretty funny, predictable, but funny and cute. I like Ashton and Cameron and thought they were good together.

Sunday I was supposed to do the Terry Fox run but M had to cancel to do yard work and my son decided not to come, so I didn't feel like going alone. I probably should have, but actually I didn't sleep all that well that night and slept in which felt really, really good! Then I got a whole bunch of housework done and attempted to cut the lawn until the stupid mower had a problem. I did get on the treadmill last night though and my love of running is just increasing like crazy again.

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