Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weigh in day ... and I'm down 0.2. Not outstanding by any means, but I'm down so I'll take it.

Did a long walk last night - 90 minutes. Found a steep hill and went up and down it a couple times, that was a pretty good workout! Though I think next week I'll find a safer place to walk because the last 20 min of my walk was in almost complete dark, other than the odd streetlight, and not in a safe area..... and I was wearing all black. Not the smartest thing I've done this week and I won't do it again.

Also made pumpkin pie last night and was so proud of myself for only having one small slice and still being within my daily points target - well below if you factor in the exercise.

My parents are coming into town this week. I think we'll have the WW's meatloaf for dinner one night, and I'd like to try a recipe for Spicy Marinated Pork Chops another night. I'll post the recipes after I've made them. The meatloaf is good for sure. I also have a recipe for Tandoori Chicken that I'm eager to try, but not sure if my parents would be into that.

It's coming up to one year since I've been successfully losing weight again. I'd really like to be down 20 lbs, so that would be 2 for this next week. I think I could pull it off. 20 lbs doesn't seem like much in a year, but I'm actually quite happy that it's going slowly. I have a history of losing a bunch quickly, then putting it back on. This way it's more like a definite, long term, change of lifestyle and doesn't feel like I'm either on program, or off. I have off days, sometimes many in a row, but not off weeks or months like I did before.

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