Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to blogging....

I want to give this blogging thing another try. Was doing really well with my weightloss until a leg injury and summer derailed me a little bit. Got down to about 152 around May/08 and as of last Tuesday I was 159.2. So I guess that's not too bad if I look at it overall.

Started a new challenge on the WW's boards and it's getting me fired up, though I've got a ways to go to be completely OP again.

Started running again the last 2 Sundays with my running gals. My one friend has also been off for some time so her and I are getting back into it together. I'm a bit more ready to move on and go faster/longer, but it's probably good for me to not push it too fast right now. Besides, I'm thoroughly enjoying our time together and it is only once a week. For now I want to keep at her pace and we'll see how it goes over time. Sad (for me) that the other girls have improved so much since I last ran with them.

Next week I'm starting a Boot Camp class with my friend I run with. It's only 6 weeks, but I'm very excited about it. It will give me another thing (besides the Sunday runs) that I'm committed to and have to go to. Plus Mondays are designated long walks days while my son is at soccer practice and I usually get a good 90 minutes of hoofing it.

Been making some positive changes in my way of thinking and the people I'm surrounding myself with. I don't want or need negativity in my life. Picking apart other peoples faults, or everything that's wrong in this world is just a downer, as is jealousy. I want fun, I want enjoyment, I want support and encouragement - from me and to me. I'm trying very hard that when others start a bashing session to walk away from it and focus on something else. I can't change other people by talking about what bothers me about them. But I can change how I let it affect me.

My fitness goals for this week are:

Mon - 90 min walking
Tues - 30 min run on the treadmill
Wed - 20 min run & 20 min weights
Thursday - Off (multi-sport evening)
Fri - 30 min run on treadmill & 20 min weights
Sat - Probably Off
Sun - 5K Terry Fox Run - might do 10km, haven't decided

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