Monday, September 22, 2008

Well didn't I disappear off the face of the earth - haha. Not sure why I never got around to posting this weekend.

Friday went to gymnastics with the kids and had actually a pretty amazing workout. I haven't been in a while and was worried because I was (and still am) a bit stiff from the boot camp class. But I think it actually helped to loosen me up a bit.

Yesterday I made the Sesame Chicken recipe that I posted. It was OK, not outstanding but definitely worth a try. I think it needs more flavour but I can't think of what. I marinated it for about 4 hours or so, it should have gotten the flavour in that time. Then I broiled it in the oven. It may have been slightly overcooked as the family wasn't all present when it was ready, but it was the flavour that wasn't quite enough.

I also made an amazing apple pie last night, mmmm..... from apples off our tree, so yummy. I managed to only have one forkful of pie, but I do have a very odd weakness for dough, yes even disgusting pie dough and that's a bad one, so unhealthy. But at least I didn't have a full slice of pie as well. And I probably ate a whole apple while in the process of slicing them up, they're so sweet and good.

Had a great workout last night. 60 min of running (in 30 min intervals) with 30 min of weights and ab work in between sets. I was going to do 10 min intervals interspersed with weights, but I felt good so kept going and next thing I knew I was at 30. Pretty proud of that.

My parents are coming into town this week so I may have to seek up some new recipes to try while they're here.

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