Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week One Success (sort of)

So to start off I had a loss this week, 0.2 - but a loss. At least it's in the right direction. Given the lack of OP days I had this past week, eating tacos for dinner last night, and a little irritating monthly visitor - I think all in all it's not too bad.

Went after work yesterday and got new runners. I had bought some at the beginning of summer - same style and size as my previous pair (Saucony Grid 8 1/2) - and they were insanely tight and uncomfortable. Seemed a bit tight in the store, but once I got really wearing them they're horrible. Stupid me waited too long to take them back so now I'm stuck with them. Hopefully my daughter will wear them. I was hoping they'd "break in" and I realized that it was me that was going to break. So I'm trying a brand I've never had before, Adidas Response Cushion 16 - Size 9. Took them out for my 90 minute walk last night and I think they're a winner. I could possibly use some inserts for arch support, we'll see. Going to try them for a short run tonight and see how that goes. My son bought the same runners (in a men's version of course) in a Size 11 1/2 - YIKES! He's 14 and only 5'6" (and a bit maybe). Obviously his feet are well into their growth spurt.

Went to sign up for my Boot Camp class last night and wouldn't you know it ..... the computer was down at the location I went to. So I have to either go somewhere else or go back another day to sign up. GRRR. Not sure why but I KNEW that was going to happen. I played the scenario over in my head before I got there. Oh well, that won't set me off, I'm doing that class!

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