Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Did pretty good last night. I only drank water, and a ton of it - at least 3, maybe 4 500 mL bottles. And I snacked on alot of veggies with very minimal dip. But I did have a few of those greasy (yummy) spring rolls and a couple deep fried cheese sticks. All in all though I kept it manageable.

I was really proud of one thing though. My SIL brought up her annual cookie exchange that I've participated in for years. And a few years I've done my own as well. When she mentioned it I immediately said I'm not participating in it. I think she was surprised, but I just know that every year it's a problem for me. I can not handle having that much variety of delicious baking around me. Plus having to bake 12 or 14 dozen (or whatever it ends up being) means in my house I have to bake about 25 dozen because my family eats so much of it. I know they'll still want me to do some baking but I'll do it just for us. Besides, they usually prefer my stuff anyway so this will be better.

I need to get some more variety in my meals. I'm starting to feel a bit stagnant. Part of the problem is I need to go shopping and I'm not in town as much as I used to be and hate to drive in just for shopping. But I really do need to do it soon.

Excited to start my new class tonight!! I hope it turns out to be as good as I'm hoping and I don't get disappointed. It's only 6 weeks though for this first session so I can see how I feel and decide if I want to do the 2nd one or not.

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