Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back in the right direction

As of this morning I'm going back in the right direction. Which is great since today is weigh-in day!! I'm down 1 lb for this week.

All week I had seen the scale climbing a bit every day and I was sure I was in for a gain this week again. But this morning it dropped back down again and even before I got on the scale I felt a teensy bit skinnier than I have all week. I even have a pair of shorts on today that are a little loser than they were 2 weeks ago - wahoo!

So bad news ... I still have 2 lbs to lose by July 9th and I had wanted to be there by now. Good news .... it's only 2 lbs, not 3 or 4. I REALLY want to get there before we leave.

Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning & reorganizing our travel trailer. I'm giving it a really good clean-out like it hasn't seen in years. And going through every cupboard and closet and getting rid of anything I don't need. It feels so great when things are in order. Today I have done much the same. I also went on a 26 Km bike ride. If I'm not exhausted tonight I'll do a little run as well.

Last night I had a great salad - green leaf lettuce, cilantro, tomato, red pepper, red onion dressed with olive oil and red wine vinegar. I'm not a huge fan of most bottled dressings and this was just perfect. Our Italian friends dress their salads like this - though IMO they use wayyyy too much olive oil. I just put a very thin drizzle on a large salad and it was perfect. It was so good I had it again today at lunch, along with a veggie burger. Mmm Mmmm Mmmmmmmm!


Susan said...

Congrats on your loss !

Syl said...

Great job on the loss Heidi, that's awesome!

Cammy said...

Your patience and commitment paid off! Well done!

Lisa said...

congrats on the loss! i envy your commitment!