Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad Scale - you're in detention!


Well, I did it! I did not step on that scale last night or this morning. Why? Because it's pissing me off and I think it's lying. :) HAHAHAHA

But seriously, I don't understand why my weight jumped up and has stayed up for about a week now. I can't find a logical explanation and I'm sick of getting on that scale hoping that it has come to it's senses.

I am a twice daily weigher, and I'm OK with that. I know that when it begins to frustrate me the scale needs to be disciplined and it gets put in detention.

I'm just starting to stress because I set myself a completely reasonable goal, which is 2 weeks away, and I don't feel confident that I'm going to reach it. I get oh so close to reaching that magic number and then BOOM it disappears like a flashing light. I was wondering last night if I'm not getting there because I don't truly believe I can. But if that's true ... how do I make myself believe?


Last night I showed up for the last session of bootcamp. I won't be able to attend the summer sessions, so that's it for a while. Anyhow, I showed up and .... I was the only one there! Normally there is about 10 people in this class. I know that 1 person had a previous committment, and 2 others had to switch to the later class - but as for the rest of them I have no idea.

I SOOOOO wanted the instructor to just call it quits. One word and I would have left. But, nope, she just trundled on with what she had planned. It was a bit awkward at first, but then it ended up being pretty good. This is the substitute instructor who I didn't like when I first met her. But we ended up having some really good conversations. She is a personal trainer, working mostly out of her home or at clients homes, and she sometimes does a bit of work with the city recreation programs.

My friend is working on becoming a personal trainer (and I have to admit the idea intrigues me, but not yet), so it was nice that she shared a bunch of info on that with me. We got talking diet planning and I tried to pry her for some suggestions as to why I'm not losing weight but she basically just offered sympathy ... oh well, can't blame her, she's not even close to being paid to help me with that. It did leave me wondering if I should try to save up some money and go talk to a dietician or something. Although I have no idea to who or where I would seek out someone.


I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. No school for either of my kids, no work for me, no early morning committments. I'm really hoping to catch up on some of the sleep I have been missing. I shouldn't be complaining because I'm getting about 7-8 hours most nights, but I really find I do better on 8-10, at least for most days. I'm exhausted in the morning and yawn for hours so that's my indication that I could use some more sleep.


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

BAD SCALE BAD SCALE!!! I agree, you should throw it away! How about just not weighing yourself for a week and seeing what happens. I dare you!

(Don't dare me back)


Syl said...

While reading your post I had a vision of the show "the last 10 pounds"..I'm so proud of you for staying and working one on one, that would have been very awkward but you did it! So proud of you!
Heidi - YOU ROCK!

Heidi said...

Jen - I'm seriously contemplating that!

Syl - that is SO my favourite show. I'd die to be on it.