Friday, June 19, 2009

Water retention much???

Apparently I'm retaining water this week. For the last 4 mornings I've been up in weight by about a lb each almost every day. I think this is partially because the last 4 days I've had SUPER tough workouts. I can certainly feel every muscle in my body. Maybe some hormone thingy going on too??? Who knows. I'm also absolutely beat tired.

I guess this weeks weigh in will not be what I had hoped for :(. But, I did pop down under 150 for one day, even if it's far off now (boo boo). I'm going to try to be patient and let my body sort itself out.

Here's a chart of how the past week has gone:

Day - Weight - Pts - AP
Sat - 151.2 - 43 - 3
Sun - 151.0 - 30 - 1
Mon - 149.4 - 18 - 0
Tue - 152.0 - 18 - 6
Wed - 152.4 - 23 - 6
Thu - 152.8 - 24 - 6
Fri - 153.8 - 22 - 10

Gain - 2.6
Avg Pts -25
Avg AP - 4.6

I know logically I could not have gained 4 lbs since Monday morning. Hopefully it balances out.

On the plus side, I met up with some friends for a short run today. One of them I haven't seen for a couple weeks and her first comment to me was "you're looking skinny". So I guess whatever is going on with the scale isn't showing - phewf.

Eating today has not been pretty. My points are OK but it's been a bagel, some chocolate chip cookies, 2 chocolate brandy beans, edamame, some almonds & peans and a lowely peach. Not one vegetable. VERY odd day for me. At least I check the points in check, even if I do feel sick now - blech!

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Syl said...

you are looking skinny Heidi, aren't those the best compliments. I hope you scale is cooperating with you :-)