Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy weekend, lesson learned, job offer and lowest weigh in

I have been busy, busy, busy this weekend. Friday ended up being a bit frustrating as I had to take in our passport applications and be back in time to take my son to the ortho. On the way out there traffic was insane and I almost didn't make it back in time. This messed up my lunch/afternoon snack plans but I'm proud to say I still kept completely on track and didn't let it derail me.

Saturday morning I decided to ride my bike into town for a Weight Watchers meeting - it's about 10 Km each way. When I was just about there I heard a funny pop sound and thought I saw something fly out from under my wheel. But everything felt fine so I kept riding. When I pulled into the parking lot I felt a weird bumpity, bump and ... well you can already guess - it was my tire that popped. A big honking nail!! GRRRRR.

Normally I take various forms of money (cash, debit/credit cards) and on this day I had NOTHING. Stupid!!!! I also had absolutely no tools of any sort. So here I am 10Km from home, no family members are available to come get me, no money to pay a bike shop to fix it, and no tools to fix it myself. Never go out unprepared anything can and will happen.

I phoned my husband to get his credit card number, but he had to come into town to get supplies so I told him to come get me. I walked from the meeting to the other side of town (a few more Kms) and met up with him. Then we made a trip to Walmart and I stocked up on everything I need should this happen again. I got 2 small bags, all the tools, spare tubes, a big bag for longer trips, and a nifty little speedometer thingy (that was just a bonus).

When we got home I had him talk me through how to fix the tire myself. And .. after he left again, I taught myself how to do some minor tune ups. (so proud!)

Since I was now all fixed up, I decided to do another bike ride. I rode down to the area where we do our Sunday runs, then I rode the path we run so I could calculate the exact distance, then rode home.

In total I rode just over 50 Km on Saturday! Plus a 25 min walk across town. Talk about racking up the APs! I'm just loving being out on my bike again and I want to ride everywhere.
Back it up to the Weight Watchers meeting that morning .... the leader approached me after the meeting and suggested I become a team leader. I was surprised. But, it's not something I can see myself doing. And also I don't think I'm the right person. To me if you're going to be a team leader you should agree 100% with the program and I just don't think I'm the model of WW's. In my opinion, to be a leader you should absolutely practice what you preach - and I don't. Besides, if I were going to take a side job I'd much rather be a fitness leader.

This morning my husband and I were both bagged, but eventually we headed out and ran 12Km on our favourite trail. About half way through I could really feel it in my legs & butt - but I made it through.

Tomorrow will definitely be a lower activity day - maybe some upper body weights or a casual walk. My legs need some rest.

Saturday also marked a pretty big day for me. While I haven't yet broken the 150 lb mark ... I did weigh in at the lowest I've been on my progress chart. This is pretty big for me. I'm pretty sure that's the lowest I have weighed since early 2003 - 6 years! In 2001 I lost 30 lbs in less than 6 months, then spent the next year and a half putting it back on, follwed by another almost 15! My whole attitude about weight loss is completely different now than it was in 2001. I can absolutely taste the 140s and I know I'll be there very soon.


skinny me! said...

woo hooo!! Congrats thats amazing!! Wow..the 40's are soooo close. Super amazing job! Well done.

Susan said...

Good for you !!!!!! It is so exciting to see progress ! You've been working hard and you deserve it !!!!!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Oh man, so much to comment on! Bummer about getting stuck in the city but it sounds like you totally got your workout in despite all the curveballs thrown at ya! And, you learned how to fix a tire too!

CONGRATULATIONS on getting down to 151!!!! I can tell, 150 & below is right around the corner!

Syl said...

I am so truly happy for you! you are one AMAZING women and I can see why you would be approched to be a leader. Keep up the amazing work!