Sunday, June 21, 2009

Holy hormones, I know what the issue is now. I've got a massive, painful breakout on my chin and all those mid-monthly aches. GRRR! I'm a bit disappointed in myself that I let that control my eating the last couple of days.

As of this morning though ... no more! Last night I laid out my plan for today. This always seems to help when I have an idea of what I'm going to eat and when. I don't end up so lost feeling.

I also did a list of meal ideas and a few different scenarios of when/where to spend my points. I think I need to add a little more protein to my meals and I need to spread them out a little better. I feel completely satisfied on a serving of Red River Cereal for breakfast, which is only 2 pts. But sometimes I find I have so many points left near the end of the day and I'll end up just eating junk or just eating something to get the points in - which I don't think really is that beneficial for fueling my body.

Yesterday was another great run. Our little group has really split up in abilities and I spend 90+% of my time running with just one other lady. But it's always so nice when we start off all together and then meet up afterwards for coffee/tea. This one lady & I are trying to meet up on a few other days during the week as well. It's nice that we have similar goals and speed.

Today I'm taking a bit of a rest day. So far this month I've exercised 18/20 days, and alot of those have been pretty high intensity. Though my "off" day will still be very busy as my house has been very much neglected and, if the rain can hold off, my gardens & lawns could use TLC as well.

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Syl said...

glad you had a great run, and so happy you found a buddy, I gotta find me one, well besides Justin!