Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jun 13 weigh in - 0.4 loss

Down 0.4 for this week. Would have loved a bit more, but at least it's still going down. I worked out pretty hard and lots this week (every day) and my eating was 100% so I'm just going to assume my body is adjusting or something. Not going to worry about it. This week is a "recovery week" for my half marathon training pogram which maybe my body needs.

Ran 13Km with my friend yesterday. She hadn't run distance in a few weeks and was dying to get out. She said it was pretty tough but she was glad that we went together so she didn't stop. I really enjoyed the running and I'm finding it easier to do these longer distances. My head just goes into a zone and I don't really think about the running. Of course it's nice when you run with a friend so you have someone to talk to and to pass the time.

Today I went shopping. Was just going to drop off my daughter, but then decided to shop on my own for a bit. Only ended up buying one dress & a bra, but tried on lots of stuff. It doesn't seem to matter what size you are, the stores will be out of that size in the item you like. A few NSV's, some 8s were fitting well, though not in anything I wanted, and I even managed to squeeze into a pair of Size 6 capris that someone had left behind in the change room. For kicks I decided to see how far I could get them up. I couldn't have walked in them, and barely could breath, but I could do up the buttons & zipper.

Here's the dress I bought...

(hmmm, didn't really realize my hair was THAT short in the back, heehee)

Tonight I'm meeting up with a couple of ladies that I went all through school with (since Grade 1) and I haven't seen one of them for probably 16 or 17 years! Will probably indulge in a few appy's but that's part of life and this is one of those occassions I'm willing to spend a few extra points.


Tiffany said...

A loss is a loss right. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

The dress looks great on you. I'd say you look pretty thin. :)

Susan said...

OMG! You look amazing in that dress ! I love it !Whatever you are doing is working....the scale does NOT tell the entire story !!!!

Syl said...

Your a knock out - just sayin'!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Amazing Heidi! I love the dress and it totally shows off all your curves!