Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loving the Compliments

Thanks everyone for your comments yesterday. I know I'm doing what's right and that in the end this is best. Nice to know others are right there with me. :)

Yesterday my MILs friend was over and I think she complimented me about 3 or 4 times. She kept saying "Heidi, you are looking REALLY good". It was awesome!! (insert big huge happy grin) I think it felt extra good because I haven't really dropped much on the scale since I last saw her, but I do feel more toned and I guess it's showing.

Then today I got a call from one of my running friends. I haven't been able to run with them for a few weeks now (though I've still been running on my own). I'm not going to be able to run with them this weekend either. So she called to see if I would go for a run with her tomorrow. She said she called me because she wanted someone that could run as fast and as long as her. Sure was nice to hear that!

The last couple of days I've actually had a bit of a hard time eating enough points. Not because I'm not hungry (though I'm not starving at all), but just I'm not interested in anything. Everything seems boring and I don't want to just eat whatever just so that I'm eating. Guess it's time to break out some new or old recipes and jive up the tastebuds. For today though I'm too lazy :)

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Syl said...

I love a compliment too, especially from some one that hasn't seen you in a while. On my birthday my aunt said "has anyone told you how amazing you look" It was heart warming!
Take all the compliments you get Heidi, you worked hard and look amazing!
RE eating: maybe with the warmer weather you just don't feel like eating, how about adding fruit or cottage cheese to a bigger more fuller salad?