Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Things I've learned in the last few days:

* Packaged oatmeal isn't nearly as satisfying as my beloved Red River Cereal. In comparison it tastes mushy, it's way too sweet & it doesn't stick with you as long.

* Even if you eat under your points target, if you have salty processed foods you will show a weight gain the next day.

* Air popped popcorn with Becel Butter Spray is NOT a good pre workout fuel, even if it does satisfy a crunch craving. This is especially true when you're already feeling tired and it's muggy.

* I can do 20 big girl push-ups in a row, however it takes me a long time and they're not really full push-ups so I'm not quite ready to say goal accomplished.

* Trying to catch a loose horse who has gotten through the fence into a 20 acre hay field and a 10 acre newly planted blueberry field when you're just about ready to go to sleep is not fun.

* You know you're exceptionally tired when you drive 2Km's past your son's school on the way to drop him off there. Makes you understand how people can accidentally forget their babies in a hot car - scary.

* You can find interesting things in your kids closets.

* I really don't notice when I'm driving on a complete flat (for like 20Km on the freeway). But it does make you paranoid that you'll do it again which lead me to checking the tires on my other car and realizing they were rather low, one probably dangerously so.

Here's today's menu:

Breakfast - Red River Cereal (2)
Lunch - La Tortilla Factory Small Wrap with green leaf lettuce, 1 tsp light ranch dressing, hot sauce and 1 oz. southwestern chicken breast, Sliced Cucumber, Hard Boiled Egg (5)
Snacks - 6 small pieces honey garlic pork (4?)
Dinner - Veggie Burger, Wonder+ thin burger bun, 1 oz. jalapeno jack cheese (6)
Post-Workout - Hot chocolate made with 1 c. milk (4) - I haven't had this yet as I have zero hunger right now at 8:00PM

Total Points - 21

Exercise - Bootcamp class


Gina said...

Thanks so much for the facts - they are totally helpful and I will take them with me ( I am going to try that cereal) :)

Susan said...

I have been wanting to try Red River, I eat the packages of oatmeal now and I don't get much of a "fill up" from them......I think I will now that you mentioned the difference ! Thanks for your info !