Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weird couple of days here, I still have very little appetite and I'm not quite sure why. I'm not going to overly worry about it though because I'm sure it won't last. I ate dinner tonight before bootcamp not because I was hungry, but just because I knew I needed to fuel my workout. And now after class I'm not hungry again, but I'm drinking a hot chocolate as a refuel.

I had planned to ride my bike to/from class tonight but my friend came over to pick up her son and I haven't seen her for a few weeks and we yakked too long. Though it was probably a good thing because yesterday's bootcamp really kicked my butt (or I should say mostly my chest) and it may have been too much to add in the ride as well. Tonight's class was awesome too! I'm going to miss it over the summer. For tonight though, every muscle in my body is sore, good sore.

I'm a little sad tonight. Next week is the last bootcamp class before summer. There is a few shorter summer sessions but I will miss too many to make it worth signing up for. There is a lady in my Wed class that I've been taking sessions with since September. She is super nice and we get along. She came up to me after class to let me know that she has to miss next week and since I'm not taking the summer sessions I likely won't see her. Considering I don't have any friends that I go to fitness classes with, it was nice to have a familiar face to see. After I was driving away I had the thought that I should have given her my e-mail address and we could have met up for a run or something. Oh well, hopefully we both are in some classes in the fall again.

Tomorrow I'm riding my bike to/from work since I have no kids to drop off or pick up from school. I'm very much looking forward to it.


Syl said...

Hello Heidi!
You can ask me anything you want (well within reason LOL!) I am 5'4.
And re the reciepes if you can wait till tomorrow I will address that. 3 posts in one day is a bit much!
ok so I could but I've got one boy at school and the other ones napping I want to get off the computer and go enjoy a coffee on the deck :-)

Tiffany said...

It sucks that you won't get to go to boot camp this summer, but you'll certainly be enjoying other activities and going on your trip. You'll barely have time to miss it.